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North Mymms Crest

The top left-hand quarter is the balloon of the Italian aeronaut Vincenzo Lunardi who flew from the Artillery Ground, London to Standon Green End, Hertfordshire on 15 September 1784 in the first manned aerial flight over England. Travelling with Lunardi was a pigeon, a cat, and a dog. During the flight the cat took ill and Lunardi briefly landed his balloon in a North Mymms field to leave the animal with a local woman while he continued his flight. The field where Lunardi touched down is three miles south-east of Welham Green north of what is now Queenswood school. To mark the event, a commemorative stone was placed at what is known as Balloon Corner, at the junction of Dellsome Lane and Parsonage Lane, Welham Green. You can read the article Here

The top right hand quarter is a stag or hart representing Hertfordshire.

The bottom left hand quarter is Folly Arch, Hawkshead Road, Little Heath. It was built in 1740 to a design attributed to James Gibbs as a feature of the Gobions Estate. Click here for a picture of Folly Arch. For more detail visit and search against Folly Arch.

The bottom right hand quarter is the parish church of St Mary’s at North Mymms Park. The original church had a spire but this was removed in the 1900s. Click here for a picture taken about 1905 of the church showing the spire.

In the bottom section, the green triangle represents the Triangulation Point used by surveyors for accurate positioning.

The trees represent Gobions Wood, Brookmans Park. The wavy lines represent water. This could be a reference to the Three Valleys Water Co which has a pumping station on Warrengate Road, North Mymms, or maybe the lake at Gobions?.