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    Local History now on Website

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    Local Plan - Comment by 21 August

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Local Plan

July 2019

The following documents have recently been uploaded to the Examination pages of the Welwyn Hatfield
website and the Inspector considers that Regulation 19 Representors should have the opportunity to comment on
the documents listed below.
 EX101A Email from Save Symondshyde
 EX102B Green Balance: Role of the 2016 based Household projections in calculating dwelling requirements
in Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan
 EX102 Welwyn Hatfield Cabinet Planning & Parking Panel: Local Plan Economy Update
 EX102A Appendix A
 EX103 Welwyn Hatfield: Cabinet Planning & Parking Panel: Local Plan Housing Update Report
 EX103A Implications of the 2016 household & population projections EX103B Implications of a new plan
 EX103D Technical review of Green Balance Submission (EX101B)
 EX104A Welwyn Hatfield: Employment Land technical Note - labour demand scenarios
 EX104B Welwyn Hatfield: Employment Land technical note (these documents inform EX102 and
 EX105 Royal Haskoning Birchall Garden Suburb Land Quality Assessment
 EX106-EX152 Appendices to Royal Haskoning Birchall Garden Suburb Land quality Assessment
The documents can be accessed via this link:- https://www.welhat.gov.uk/local-plan/new/examination/documents
The documents provide an update on issues that have already been discussed at earlier hearing sessions. Their
effect on the plan’s policies and proposals is indirect, and the Inspector only wishes to receive representations
which address issues that are likely to affect the soundness of the Local Plan, as set out in Paragraph 35 of the
National Planning Policy framework (February 2019).
The Inspector’s intention is to only have Hearings, and invite Participants to take part in them, in circumstances
where a matter has been raised that could affect the Plan’s soundness. The Inspector will use Representors’
responses to this consultation as their evidence for the hearings. He will formulate an agenda with issues for
discussion at the Hearings and will give the Council an opportunity to respond to the agenda in the context of the
relevant soundness matters raised by Respondents. Any further observations that respondents wish to make
following sight of the Council’s response should be put verbally to the Hearing.

The deadline for responding to this consultation is midnight on Wednesday 21 August 2019 and responses should
be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hearing Sessions
Provisional dates for the Stage 6 hearing sessions have been arranged as follows:-
w/c 18 November
w/c 25 November
w/c 9 December
w/c 16 December
These hearing sessions will cover issues of soundness which have been raised as a result of the consultation, Birchall
Garden Suburb and the proposed site allocations. Confirmation of the Programme for the hearing
sessions, together with the Inspector’s Matters, Issues and Questions covering the matters for discussion at the
hearing sessions, other than those issues of soundness raised during the consultation, will be sent out a minimum
of 6 weeks before the start of the hearing sessions. At that time Representors will be invited to send in hearing
statements in response to the Inspector’s Matters, Issues and Questions, and to register if they wish to
take part in the hearing sessions.

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