• Local History now on Website

    Local History now on Website

  • Local Plan - Comment by 21 August

    Local Plan - Comment by 21 August

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    Football Pitch available to rent

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    Summer Tennis Sessions

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    Charitable grants available

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Suggested Planning Reasons     

              For and Against

  • Green Belt

              Impact on character of the area- good/bad.

              Impact on appearance of rural location.

              Loss of openness. The site would not provide a secure defensible boundary against future encroachment into the Green Belt (coalescence/amalgamation).

              Loss of agricultural land.

              Effect of agglomeration (collective clustering) of adjacent proposed sites.

              Enhance the village/countryside by using scruffy or brownfield sites.

              Proposal is balanced/unbalanced (disproportionate increase in population which would impact the character of the area).

              Proposal is sustainable/unsustainable.

              Proposal will engender inclusive/exclusive communities.

  • Environment

             Impact on wildlife/habitats.

             Flood risks (Herts County Council & the Environment Agency will be consulted about this)

             Impact on food production.

             Health & wellbeing matters.

             Noise/pollution from increased traffic.

  • Transport

            Impact of increased traffic.

            Impact of reduced bus/rail services at present.

            Road networks infrastructures.

            Issues at peak times when there are problems on the M25 & A1(M) diverting traffic through the villages.

            Commuters – parking and travel times.

  • Access

            Need for better services.

            Need for better road networks and good connections to main thoroughfares.

            Local schools (under/oversubscribed).

            Health facilities (surgeries & hospitals) are these easily reached or sufficient.

            Public transport to/from villages.

  • Other Evidence


            Demands for water, power, drainage and sewerage.

            Schools and medical services.

            Sustainability of new development if it is not integrated into existing and enhanced infrastructure.

            Affordable homes and Social Housing needs.

            Proximity to other Boroughs and their boundaries resulting in coalescence/indefensible boundaries.



So avoid reference to:-

  • Property values
  • Personal circumstances
  • Moral issues
  • Right to a view