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Full Council

The main Council meets on the last Wednesday of every month except August and December at the Parish Council Offices . There are 10 Councillors on the committee and we discuss a variety of issues which if need be are passed to varying committees but this committee has the overall governance for all Parish Council decisions


Amenities Committee

The Amenities Committee deal with all maintenance matters with regards to the various properties, playgrounds, playing fields and open spaces that are owned by the Parish Council. This can include replacing and repair of signage, litter bins and parish notice boards. Our role also includes hiring out the football pitch and maintenance of the bowling green in Welham Green. We also ensure that tree safety audits and playground inspections are carried out on a regular basis.  We are also responsible for judging the allotments for the best allotment competition.


Planning Committee

The Planning Committee consists of at least four Councillors and usually meets twice every month throughout the year.

The committee examines all planning applications applicable to North Mymms parish and responds to the Planning Authority (which is Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Planning department) within the prescribed consultation timetable.

NMPC are consultees and therefore able to make “Major Objection, Objection, Comment or No Comment” responses as considered appropriate.

The decision to grant or refuse any application lies with the Planning Authority.

When it is considered necessary, because of a Planning issue such as height, proximity, over dominance, out of keeping with the streetscene or a number of other concerns, the committee will make comments to WHBC. Most applications are decided by the Planning Officer assigned to the case and this is known as a “Delegated decision”.

Submitting a Major objection is more serious and reserved for matters of great concern. When NMPC make a Major Objection the application has to be determined by the Development Management Committee consisting of Borough Ward Councillors. The Borough Councillors decide at their meeting whether to approve or refuse the application having considered the concerns raised. A NMPC Councillor will attend this meeting to speak about the issues raised in the objection.

NMPC cannot object on a Parishioner’s behalf.

On occasion NMPC will attend and speak if required at an Appeal hearing where an application has been refused, particularly when this Council has objected to the original planning application.

In assessing the Planning issues the character of the Parish is of major importance but times change and move on and whilst it is good to retain a sense of what is good about this place Councillors also aim to take into account the wider needs and demands of today and endeavour to take a sound Planning view of applications which impact on us all.

The Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee consists of at least four Councillors and meets four times a year.

The committee deals with the accounts, bank reconciliation, budgets and the precept. Reports are HERE

Meetings are held in the Council Offices, 1a Bushwood Close, Welham Green, AL9 7YZ


When a Planning Committee meeting follows the previous meeting the start time may vary. Check our Whats On Calendar for dates HERE

An Annual Parish Meeting must be held between 1st March and 1st June – to be arranged (APM is a meeting of the electors of the Parish and not a meeting of the Council).

Annual Parish Meetings

Annual Parish Meetings