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The Parish Council employs a small staff and owns various pieces of land and properties.


NMPC employs a part time Clerk for four days a week, a Book keeper and Accounts Officer for one day a week, and three Groundsmen who look after the various land and property owned by the Council, except the North Mymms Memorial Hall.


Land and property

 The council owns:

  • Three recreation grounds at Hawkshead Road Little Heath, Gobions Open Space in Brookmans Park, and Dellsome Lane Welham Green.  The latter includes a bowling green,  football pitches and the Burns Pavilion.  All three have children’s play areas.
  • The village green (Bradmore Green) at Brookmans Park
  • Allotments at Station Road, Welham Green,
  • One bungalow for staff and one for rent and the Council office at Bushwood Close Welham Green.
  • North Mymms Memorial Hall, Station Rd, Welham Green – the Parish Council is the Custodian Trustee and the Memorial Hall is managed by its own Committee.



Located at Station Road, Welham Green, they are let out at a low rent.  Anyone wishing to become an allotment holder should contact the Clerk to the Parish Council – see HERE for the address and phone number