North Mymms Parish Council


Made under Section 164 of the Public Health Act 1875, and,

Sections 12 and 15 of the Open Spaces Act 1906

by the Parish Council of North Mymms with respect to its Recreation Grounds

and Open Spaces Areas in the Schedule hereto

1. Throughout these Bye-laws, the expression “the Council” means the Parish Council of North Mymms and the expression “the ground” means each of the Recreation Grounds named in the Schedule hereto.

2. An act necessary to the proper execution of his duty on the ground by an officer of the Council, or by any person or servant of any person employed by the Council, shall not be deemed an offence against these Bye-laws.

3. No person shall except in exercise of any right or privilege ride a horse in the ground.

4. A person shall not, except in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege bring, or cause to be brought, onto the pleasure ground any barrow, truck, machine or vehicle other than:-

(i) a wheeled bicycle, tricycle or other similar machine.

(ii) a wheel-chair or perambulator drawn or propelled by hand and used solely for the conveyance of a child or children or an invalid.

Provided that where the Council set apart a space in the Pleasure Ground for the use of any class of vehicle, this bye- law shall not be deemed to prohibit the driving in or to that space by a direct route from the entrance to the pleasure ground of any vehicle of the class for which it is set apart.

(iii) A person shall not, except in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege ride any bicycle, tricycle or other similar machine in any part of the pleasure ground.

5. A person shall not affix any bill, placard, or notice, to or upon any wall offence in or enclosing the pleasure ground, or to or upon any tree, or plant, or to or upon any part of any building, barrier, or railing, or of any seat, or of any other erection or ornament in the pleasure ground.

6. A person shall not cause or suffer any dog belonging to him or in his charge to enter or remain on the ground unless such dog be and continue to be under proper control and be effectively restrained from causing annoyance to any person, and from worrying or disturbing any animal.

7 A person shall not in the pleasure ground:-

(i) except as hereinafter provided, erect any post, rail, fence, pole, tent, booth, stand, building or other structure.

(ii) sell, or offer or expose for sale, or let to hire or offer to expose for letting to hire any commodity or article, unless, in pursuance of an agreement with the Council, or otherwise in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege, he is authorised to sell or let to hire in the pleasure ground such commodity or article.

8. A person shall not in the ground drive, chip or pitch a hard golf ball.

9. Use any device designed or adapted for detecting or locating metal or mineral in the ground.

10. By operating or causing or suffering to be operated any wireless set, gramophone, amplifier, tape recorder or similar instrument make, cause or suffer to be made any noise which is so loud or so continuous or repeated as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to other persons on the land.

11. A person shall not in the ground light any fire, or place or throw or let fall a lighted match or any other thing so as to be likely to cause a fire.

12. (i) No person shall in the ground release any jet-propelled, rocket-propelled or otherwise power driven model aircraft for flight or control the flight of such aircraft.

(ii) No person shall cause any jet-propelled, rocket propelled or power driven model aircraft to take off or land in the ground.

13. A person shall not in the pleasure ground

(i) bathe, wade or wash in any ornamental lake pond, stream or other water;

(ii) foul or pollute any such water.

(iii) place on any ornamental lake any boat other than a model yacht or toy boat except in pursuance of an agreement with the Council.


14. No person shall except in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege have in his possession while he is on the ground, any firearm unless it is so covered with a securely fastened gun cover that it cannot be fired.

In this bye-law, the expression “firearm” means any lethal barrelled weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged.

This bye-law shall apply to all parts of the land except any thereof which is a public right of way.

15. A person shall not, to the danger or annoyance of any other person in the ground, throw or discharge any missile.

16. A person shall not in the ground, without reasonable excuse, climb any wall or fence, in or enclosing the ground, or any tree or any barrier, railing, post or other erection.

17. No person shall, without lawful excuse or authority on the land kill, molest or intentionally disturb any animal, bird or fish or engage in hunting, shooting or fishing or the setting of traps or nets or the laying of snares.

18. A person who has attained the age of 16 years shall not use any apparatus on the ground which by a notice affixed or set up on or near thereto has been set apart by the Council for the exclusive use of persons under the age of 16 years.

19. Where the Council set apart any such part of the ground as may be fixed by the Council, and may be described in a notice board affixed or set up in some conspicuous position on the ground, for the purpose of any game specified in the notice board, which, by reason of the rules or manner of playing, or for the prevention of damage, danger, or discomfort to any person on the ground, may necessitate the exclusive use by the player or players of any space on such part of the ground – a person shall not in any space elsewhere on the ground play or take part in any game so specified in such a manner as to exclude persons not playing or taking part in the game from the use of such space.

20. Every person who shall offend against any of the foregoing bye-laws shall be liable, upon summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £100.

21. Every person who shall infringe any bye-law for the regulation of the ground may be removed there from by any officer of the Council or by any constable, in anyone of the several cases

(i) Where the infraction of the bye-law is committed within the view of such officer or constable, and the name and residence of the person infringing the bye-law are unknown to and cannot be readily ascertained by such officer or constable.

(ii) Where the infraction of the bye-law is committed within the view of such officer or constable, and, from the nature of such infraction, or from any other fact of which such officer or constable may have knowledge, or of which he may be credibly informed, there may be reasonable ground for belief that the continuance on the ground of the person infringing the bye-law may result in another infraction of a bye-law, or that the removal of such person from the ground is otherwise necessary as a security for the proper use and regulation thereof.

22. The byelaws relating to the Welham Green Recreation Ground, Gobions Open Space, Moffats Open Space, Little Heath Playing Field and Cherry Way Play Space made by the Parish Council of the Parish of North Mymms on twenty-sixth day of July 1973 and confirmed by the Secretary of State on the first day of March 1974, are hereby repealed.

Given under our hands and seals this first day of April 1987 .

Signed C. Everard Chairman.

Signed W. G. Papworth Vice-Chairman.

Members of the North Mymms Parish Council.

The Secretary of State this day confirmed the foregoing byelaws and fixed the date on which they are to come into operation as the first day of November, 1987.

Q. J. Thomas

An Assistant Under Secretary of State

16th October, 1987

Home Office, Whitehall, London S.W.1.

I certify that this printed copy of the byelaws is a true copy of the byelaws as confirmed.


W. A. Pluck Clerk to the North Mymms Parish Council





Situate at Brookmans Park, Nr. Hatfield, Herts.



Situate at Brookmans Park, Nr. Hatfield, Herts.



Situate off Dellsome Lane at Welham Green Nr. Hatfield, Herts.


Situate at Hawkshead Road, Little Heath,

Nr. Potters Bar, Herts.